Bluedio Particle Bluetooth Earphone True Wireless Earbuds Waterproof Stereo Mic


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Use Tips

Bluetooth Pairing(Particle)

Open the charging case,you will see LED light on two earbuds are always on.

Turn on your cell phone Bluetooth and search “Particle” and click it to connect.You will hear “Pairing successful” from both sides.

Left and right earbuds paired successfully:The white LED flashes

Please reset your Particle earbuds if you only can hear one side

Please remove all pairing records on your devices first, please do as the following steps:

1. Turn the both of 2 earbuds off separately, (keep pressing the MF button until you hear “power off"

2. Turn one of the earbud on again separately, (keep pressing MF button until you hear “Pairing mode”,) then Pressing the MF button 3 Times in Rapid Succession Continuously, you can see the earbuds will be turned off and the pairing records will be removed.

3. Do the same operation on another earbud like step 2 (you can see the 2 earbuds are in shutdown state)

4. Put the 2 earbuds into the charging box, close the case for 10 seconds or so

5. Open the case, the 2 earbuds will be turned on automatically, put them together as close as possible like on the desk,(before connect with your device please don’t put them into ear first), the 2 earbuds will be connected by themselves and enter into Pairing mode.

6. Turn on the Bluetooth on your device, then search, you will see there is ONE “Particle” name, then connect it is OK.