Mirascreen 4K Wireless HDMI 5G-2.4G Dual Band, Miracast Receiver Dongle for Google Chrome, Miracast Airplay, MacOS, Winto TV, Projector G7 Plus


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4K Ultra High Definition
Immersive ultra high quality media entertainment without lag.

Better Experience with 5G WiFi
Support 2.4G or 5G wifi to increase the experience of gaming on a big screen.

Mirror mobile content on the big screen, suitable for gaming, home cinema, fun sharing .etc

1. Connect WiFi antenna with Receiver Dongle, and then connect another plug of WiFi antenna to a USB adapter (5V1A). Please place the Wi-Fi receiver at a location with good Wi-Fi reception.
2. Connect the Dongle directly into an HDTV input port on your TV.
3. Set your TV’s Source/Input selection to HDTV input port connected to the Dongle
4. Your Dongle now starts up and will display instructions on your TV screen. Follow the instructions to complete setup

Setup for Android
1. Wait for MiraScreen main screen after power on.
2. Turn on your Android menu, and then enable Miracast.
3. Select MiraScreen as target and wait for connection.
4. Your Android screen will be shown on your TV, reconnect if necessary.

Setup for windows
1. Wait for MiraScreen main screen after power on.
2. For Windows 8.1, execute “Windows Start Menu > Settings > PC and devices >Devices> Add a device”, and then search for MiraScreen dongle. For Window 10, execute “Windows Start Menu > Settings > Connected devices > Add a printer or scanner”, and then search for MiraScreen dongle.
3. Your Windows screen will be shown on your TV through MiraScreen connection.

Brand: MiraScreen
Model: G7 Plus
Chip: AM8272
Wifi: 2.4G/5G
DDR: 1 Gbit
Output: HDMI
Resolution: 4K/2K
Power: 5V 2A

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